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I am setting a theme that all my New year resolutions will help facilitate spiritual growth. Identifying why you want to accomplish your year end resolutions is an easy way to improve your likelihood of achieving your resolutions. I may still try to lose weight or gain financial freedom but only because that accomplishment will help me achieve my goal to increase more energy for pursuing spiritual activities. On matters of finance, learn here, how to develop your Financial IQ, free by clicking here.

If you are planning to have a top resolution this year, start off with one for maintaining security. BPO data theft is now as common as the complaints at the customer service desk! Every other day you come across data thefts and misuse of customer’s data. As a call center services provider, keeping your data safe and secure falls under your responsibility zone. You have to be responsible about the lead generation lists and information that business firms share with you. Sometimes the phone numbers and email addresses that you will tap are provided by the clients. In such cases, any illegitimate use of the data reflects poorly on the call center. That will get you black listed and business firms will shy away from hiring your telemarketing services.

Notice how we built failure into every one of those resolutions. Frankly, resolutions are the closest thing to hypnotic suggestions. Build in failure and you’ve practically hypnotized yourself to fail.

In addition to increasing the spiritual nature of my resolutions, I am also going to make my resolutions easier to achieve. Creating a plan for achieving your resolutions has been shown to be more effective than simply making resolutions. So, I am going to create a spiritual growth plan. For each resolution, I will define activities to facilitate realizing my goals. I am also going to make my goals measurable so that I can easily tell whether I am making progress. For example, setting a resolution to become healthier is a wonderful goal, but it doesn’t provide me with much information about how to achieve my resolution. A more achievable resolution would be something like: lose 10 pounds by 1st May, read 10 books by 10th June, create a passive income of $100 per month by 1st June. Specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timed, acronym for SMART goal setting.