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The word meditation in a simple language means to think or to contemplate. Meditation is a powerful tool that is used by people all over the world to calm and clear the mind, to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and simply to relax. Not only are there numerous health benefits for the mind and the body, it also opens the door to alpha mind power. Besides learning mentally relaxation, it is still a 100% requirement that we need to pass this Good Earth with financial acumen even until retirement. Learn how to develop your Financial IQ, free by clicking here.

Meditation techniques can enhance the internal capabilities of a person and increase his efficiency in all spheres of life. If you feel that you have lost some of your self  belief and proficiency then you must try meditation. Many scientific studies have concluded that by sitting quietly for a few minutes, concentrating on the breathing process and forgetting the outside world can sharpen a person’s memory. A person with a sharp memory is bound to excel in all spheres of life. Another encouraging factor is that the positive results of meditation practices are almost immediately visible in a person.

Meditation makes a person feel happy about life. Life is all about confidence and positivism. A confident and optimistic person can achieve anything in life. A great man once said that €the history is the history of people who believed in themselves’. Highly motivated men have accomplished tasks which ordinary men cannot even dream about. By meditating regularly a person can shed all kinds of negativity, inhibitions or apprehensions. This would definitely ensure greater success and happiness in life.

How meditation changes the brain is a great question to ponder, try reflecting on the question during your own session and see what answers might arise.

In meditation, you should remember two things. Breathing in your diaphragm is the first thing. You will breathe in your diaphragm to make your breath pass through the upper chakras. The second important thing is to stay grounded. Always attach your body to your physical self throughout meditation.

With practicing meditation we can self regulate the mind towards positivity and peace. Meditation benefits may help in clearing the mind and in easing many health issues. Meditation is practiced since antiquity and differently in different religions.

Physically meditation gives you some €down time’ to relax and calm, biologically it directly has a positive effect on your nervous system, which controls all other processes in the body. Meditation helps in reducing stress related chemicals like cortisol and increases the production of mood lifting chemicals like serotonin.